The summer update 🏖

Here's what's new and what changed at Typehut over the past few weeks.

What's new

Two new templates

We added two new templates to the gallery:

  • Vince is optimized for publishing newsletters, as its homepage only features the sign up form and a link to an archive of past issues. See a demo
  • Donald is great for documentation pages or knowledge bases. It uses labels to categorize sections in a tree-like navigation sidebar. See a demo

Screenshot 2020-08-07 at 13.42.43.png

Added site description field

There's a new text field in the Settings section where you can add a small description of your site. Google and other websites will use this description when showing a preview to your site.

Screenshot 2020-08-07 at 13.44.58.png

Added archive page

We added a new URL you can use to access all of your site's posts. This is useful if you don't want to use your homepage as the index of content. Our Vince template makes use of it.

Added RSS support

All sites now come with an auto-generated RSS feed, so your audience can receive updates directly in their RSS reader of choice.

Private sites [Pro]

You can now protect access to your sites with a password. Keep in mind your site won't be indexed by search engines if you protect it, and your visitors will need this password in order to access your content.

This Pro feature is available in the Settings section of your sites.

Screenshot 2020-08-07 at 13.46.13.png

Support for videos and other embeds [Pro]

Pro accounts can now embed content in their posts, including videos, audios, forms, or any other kind of media. To do so, you can just copy and paste the HTML code of your content right into the post editor. It'll automatically render on your site.

Screenshot 2020-08-07 at 13.46.40.png

What changed

  • Internal links are no longer rendered as nofollow.
  • The Frank template had a lot of legacy markup. We refactored it so now it's easier to duplicate and edit.

Templating engine & gallery 💅


The new template engine and themes gallery are now available, enabling Pro users to fully customize the design of their Typehut sites.

The engine uses the Liquid template language by Shopify to render any custom layout.

We're working on releasing documentation on how to create Typehut themes. In the meantime, if you have a Pro account you can start tinkering with the engine by using the default template as a foundation.

You'll find the new gallery in the redesigned Appearance section.

Free users will soon have access to ready-made designs built using the same template engine.

Stay tuned ✌️

Typehut Pro: Custom domains 🔗

Frame 1.png

Now you can use your own domain as the URL for your Typehut site!

Just point a CNAME record to, add the domain you're gonna be using to your site's settings, and you'll be ready to go. We'll automatically generate an SSL certificate using Let's Encrypt so your site runs under HTTPS protocol.

Typehut Pro: Custom appearance 🎨

You can now customize your site's design by adding a stylesheet. Get started by writing your own CSS, or if you want to have a starting point we're working some templates for different use cases.

In order to use this feature, you need a Typehut Pro subscription.

Here's how to customize your site's appearance:

Custom appearance

See your subscribers 📮

Now you can see all the people that have subscribed to your site thanks to our new Analytics section. Check it out 👇